No, Mr. Trump – Democrats Aren’t Socialists

Having better social programs won’t make us a Socialist country. Not even close, because we’d be doing a lot better if we were…


We aren’t even close to being better than countries that are social democracies. It’s a lie that has run its course.


Gee, I wonder what all these countries have in common? It couldn’t be Socialism, that wouldn’t fit the conservative BS and lies that they continually spread, would it?

American Capitalism is the best, right? Wrong. I actually don’t believe the US should turn from capitalism, but let’s not keep kidding ourselves.

If we want to be better than we are now, it’s clear what direction we should be going, and it’s the opposite direction that trump and the GOP are taking us.

The one place we come in first, but all the next countries rank better than us at other values and they still have great economies. We are going in the wrong direction.