I know Why Trump Loves Twitter

Trump loves Twitter because he can break all the rules that he wants, but everyone else must follow them. 

He chose a platform to spread his lies from because there is no meaningful way on Twitter to fight them besides posting snarky comments or bad memes.

If you want to actually counter his lies with links to prove he’s lying, *poof, suspended for posting links. Oh, and don’t try and counter all of Trump’s lies because that is spamming. Apparently it’s only okay for you to comment personal thoughts with no links and no pushing back on the President of the United States when he posts lies all day long. 

I don’t like writing, mostly because I’m not very good at it, as you can see. I am good at researching and providing facts rather than just more rhetoric. Twitter loves rhetoric and so does Trump. Put it in a place where people have 280 characters to fight back, and then only sometimes because every time would be spammy, suits Trump perfectly.

Losing my twitter account has devastated me, the mental and moral support it provided was invaluable. I was finding it hard to cope with a Trump presidency with Twitter and the family of Resistors I found there, without them I’m honestly not sure how I will survive the rest of his presidency. 

I’d love to hear from other people who have been suspended on Twitter, how are you coping without that support and outlet? 

I’d really like to know what Twitter thinks this is going to solve?