Forever Logical – Facts and Logic to Fight the Lies and Propaganda and to Motivate People to #VOTE

Welcome to! I strive to provide facts and logic to combat the lies and propaganda that are so prevalent in today’s politics.

Most of what I provide is easy to copy and paste links with headlines to reputable articles. All under 280 characters so they can be easily shared on Twitter. They are the same links that I look up and use to fight the insanity on social media. Occasionally I like to use a comment and a pic that was posted or that I created, and I’ve provided those as well. I’m adding more images/memes all the time, so please check back often.

I’ve been keeping my own copy and paste list for a while now and figured I might as well share it. I’m still trying to find the best way to organize it all.

Close to half of eligible voters didn’t vote in the last election. I believe that half of Americans have their minds already made up, my goal is to reach the other half and show them just how much their votes really do matter. Not just every 4 years when we elect a President, but their vote matters in EVERY election.


I hope that this site holds some educational/informational purposes as well as providing reference/source material. Every single day there is a new attack or crisis, I know it can be overwhelming.