Twitter Suspended Me – Thank You to All Who Have Supported Me!

There isn’t much more to say. The last time I looked I was close to 34K followers and the next moment, POOF! It was all gone. I have submitted an appeal but as they couldn’t even do me the courtesy of letting me know why I was suspended, I don’t hold out much hope of winning it back.

I’m not sure what to do at this point. I’ve started a new account, but I don’t want to advertise it until after the appeal is resolved one way or the other. Please help spread the word and that I’ll be back, one way or the other. I can’t say that it hasn’t been a huge blow though. There have been several things in a row that has me down, but not beaten. I believe better times are coming, for me personally and for the country and the world politically. 2020 can’t come soon enough!

Thank you again for all the support that I have received over the last 2+ years building a group of great resisters that I cherish. I know you will keep the fight going until I can get back in it, one way or another.

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